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While attending an extension of Life Christian University, Bishop Mary Everding (Director) had the desire to give people the opportunity to learn more about God and His Word. In 2013 Bishop Mary Everding opened Living Manna Training Center, which is also an extension of Life Christian University.

A few of the well known Ministers to have received degrees through LCU are Dr Joyce Meyer, Dr Benny Hinn, Dr's Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

The schooling of theology will be great encouragement, and it can be life changing for you as you grow deeper in the knowledge of God. You can attend just because your hunger to learn or you can pursue a degree in Theology. The degrees range from receiving a Diploma to a Doctorate. You have the opportunity to choose how far you want to go with your desire in learning more about our faithful God and His Word.

New classes generally begin every September and run through the month of May.
Contact: Bishop Mary Everding (Director) 765-689-8975 or email:


God has been more than faithful to us during these last 16 years to encourage, strengthen, protect, guide and provide everything that we have been in need of.

God has intervened and defeated our enemies before us urging us to continue to move forward establishing His Kingdom.

We have been blessed to have people who believe in what God is doing and have stood alongside of us and continue to support the vision that God has placed on our hearts. Without their faithful support, labors and involvement Living Manna Ministries would not exist as it does today.

We are encouraged in very season to continue pushing forward into the territories that God is leading for His glory. Our desire is to see others step into their destinies to experience the power and love of God in new dimensions to be an instrument to the expansion of God's Kingdom.

God has placed many friends outside of Living Manna Ministries to stand in the gap, to fast and pray for the success of this ministry. We are eternally grateful for all of those who continue to stand and believe with us. Truly God has a special reward for each of them and their unselfishness to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He chooses.

May the Lord richly reward you both in this life and the one to come forever.